Vicks + Ken // Moonrise November 17, 2017 / Pre-Engagement I wasn't the artsy kid in school. Give me an art assignment and believe me, I'll produce not even a half-decent crap. I'll gladly say hell yeah to Maths and Chemistry problems though. So what I do now... READ MORE Mayumi + Warren // Matcha-Vanilla September 20, 2017 / Pre-Engagement Pre engagement session between two lovers from the Little Red Dot, and the Land of the Rising Sun. Will share their wedding session which was amazing soon! READ MORE MJ + CW // Technicolour Beat September 1, 2017 / Pre-Engagement READ MORE Hanah + Nas // Nikah March 23, 2017 / Pre-Engagement Two kindred spirits. One tale. A moment of love A dream A laugh A kiss A cry Our rights Our wrongs A moment of love A dream A laugh A moment of love A dream A laugh  ... READ MORE Sarah + Sunny // Melacca December 8, 2016 / Destination Pre-Engagement “Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” ― Rabindranath Tagore   READ MORE Yemei + Calvin // China July 28, 2016 / Destination Wedding Calvin and I go way back from the day we met during an exchange program in Japan. We’ve seen each other grown through the different seasons of life ever since. Witnessing his wedding weeks back made f... READ MORE Natalie + Weiliang // Engaged June 29, 2016 / Pre-Engagement "maybe stars are the pieces of God left of himself after he made man and gave the earth to strangers"   READ MORE Erica + Darrel // new zealand November 1, 2015 / Destination Wedding     READ MORE Bernice + Wanhin September 4, 2015 / Pre-Engagement There's just too much to say for these two dear friends of mine. Cliche as it may sound, I would love to let the pictures speak for themselves. Here's to Bernice and Wanhin. “Love doesn't need to be ... READ MORE