Jigna + Mukund // gettinjiggywithmuks August 16, 2019 / Pre-Engagement READ MORE Rebecca + Ryan // Tales of a Pigeon, London, UK August 13, 2019 / Destination Pre-Engagement The day started over breakfast and a poem that was written many years ago by Ryan. We traced through a few spots where they used to date, sharing some of their stories along the way. Who ever knew... READ MORE Ashley + Daryl // Towers October 17, 2018 / Pre-Engagement READ MORE SRuey + SLoo // Binoculars October 10, 2018 / Pre-Engagement READ MORE Daphne + Janan // Trinity August 29, 2018 / Pre-Engagement Trinity. "I will build my life upon Your love It is a firm foundation I will put my trust in You alone And I will not be shaken" What I enjoyed most with them was the part we sang along Build... READ MORE Rachel + Wai Wan // Adorn August 26, 2018 / Pre-Engagement READ MORE Victoria + CK // Blithed March 17, 2018 / Pre-Engagement let us be damned let us be weird let us love the things which most do not -Matt Baker READ MORE Vicks + Ken // Moonrise November 17, 2017 / Pre-Engagement I wasn't the artsy kid in school. Give me an art assignment and believe me, I'll produce not even a half-decent crap. I'll gladly say hell yeah to Maths and Chemistry problems though. So what I do now... READ MORE Mayumi + Warren // Matcha-Vanilla September 20, 2017 / Pre-Engagement Pre engagement session between two lovers from the Little Red Dot, and the Land of the Rising Sun. Will share their wedding session which was amazing soon! READ MORE