Maria + Kai // Christ the Center May 25, 2018 / Wedding So about 2 weeks ago I just got engaged to one of the most beautiful woman in my life. The feeling is so surreal and I can't explain it with words at all. While our journey wasn't all sunshine and rai... READ MORE Gloria + Steven // Speak Love April 21, 2018 / Wedding Rumour has it, it all started when Steven crashed a party for free food. The rest was history. You two have been such a sport. The things we did were unconventional, from having your photos taken a... READ MORE Victoria + CK // Blithed March 17, 2018 / Pre-Engagement let us be damned let us be weird let us love the things which most do not -Matt Baker READ MORE Peiyi + Chunwee // Confetti March 12, 2018 / Wedding READ MORE VJ + Melinda // VM March 2, 2018 / Wedding READ MORE Kenvicks // Blue January 24, 2018 / Wedding 2018 started with a bang for me with these two. I hope this year will see growth while keeping myself rooted not only for myself, but my faith and relationships too. I'm pretty sure you might have ... READ MORE Eunice + Paul // As Long As Stars Are Above You January 21, 2018 / Wedding Introducing, Eunice & Paul. The day started with a beautiful sunrise. Being dedicated volunteers, the centre where they serve together was their ceremonial spot without a doubt. There's no bett... READ MORE Erika + Dave // The Eyre’s December 13, 2017 / Wedding READ MORE Vicks + Ken // Moonrise November 17, 2017 / Pre-Engagement I wasn't the artsy kid in school. Give me an art assignment and believe me, I'll produce not even a half-decent crap. I'll gladly say hell yeah to Maths and Chemistry problems though. So what I do now... READ MORE