Daphne + Janan // Trinity August 29, 2018 / Pre-Engagement Trinity. "I will build my life upon Your love It is a firm foundation I will put my trust in You alone And I will not be shaken" What I enjoyed most with them was the part we sang along Build... READ MORE Rachel + Wai Wan // Adorn August 26, 2018 / Pre-Engagement READ MORE Shi Min + Greg // Tsunami August 25, 2018 / Wedding READ MORE Pia + Nate // Elements August 11, 2018 / Destination Wedding Till date this is the craziest wedding I've ever documented. Thinking their ceremony in Singapore last year was already cool enough but this shit is at another level. Anyway, less words, more p... READ MORE Kay & Srijith // Colours of Love July 12, 2018 / Wedding When it comes to documenting a wedding, my goal is to bring any stranger through the couple's journey. From how blue the skies were, the chaos that accompanied the day, smiles, tears, to the stronghol... READ MORE Tiffany + Eric // Bbbl-T July 3, 2018 / Wedding Eric & Tiff's is probably one of those weddings that surprises you many times. It's always heartwarming when couples makes a wedding that they can truly call their own. After all, it's a once in a... READ MORE Maria + Kai // Christ the Center May 25, 2018 / Wedding So about 2 weeks ago I just got engaged to one of the most beautiful woman in my life. The feeling is so surreal and I can't explain it with words at all. While our journey wasn't all sunshine and rai... READ MORE Gloria + Steven // Speak Love April 21, 2018 / Wedding Rumour has it, it all started when Steven crashed a party for free food. The rest was history. You two have been such a sport. The things we did were unconventional, from having your photos taken a... READ MORE Victoria + CK // Blithed March 17, 2018 / Pre-Engagement let us be damned let us be weird let us love the things which most do not -Matt Baker READ MORE