Erika + Dave // The Eyre’s December 13, 2017 / Wedding READ MORE Vicks + Ken // Moonrise November 17, 2017 / Pre-Engagement I wasn't the artsy kid in school. Give me an art assignment and believe me, I'll produce not even a half-decent crap. I'll gladly say hell yeah to Maths and Chemistry problems though. So what I do now... READ MORE Joanne + Aric // Born Ready October 20, 2017 / Wedding “Are you very close to the family or Aric and Jo?”, one asked. Those words were so significant to me. I remember when I first started, some weddings felt somewhat transactional. Sure, I like being ... READ MORE Mayumi + Warren // Matcha-Vanilla September 20, 2017 / Pre-Engagement Pre engagement session between two lovers from the Little Red Dot, and the Land of the Rising Sun. Will share their wedding session which was amazing soon! READ MORE May + Shafiq // Parties and Brollies September 18, 2017 / Wedding Of outdoor parties and Burmese brollies. It was one of those days where I dreamt of shapes and lines hence the inspiration on some of these photos. I really hope that we will not submit to contentmen... READ MORE MJ + CW // Technicolour Beat September 1, 2017 / Pre-Engagement READ MORE Candice + Jiwen // Little Island Brewing Co. August 17, 2017 / Wedding The night falls:- Everyone had good laughs, good music, (way) too much drinks which I'm sure some memories were a blur. The atmosphere wasn't complete without the presence of these two of course. They... READ MORE Hazel + Darren // Singapore Vineyard July 9, 2017 / Wedding Having small weddings are the way to go these days. It allows one to focus on the little things that has been part of your life, and to celebrate your journey with the people around you and your signi... READ MORE Naanthini + Aanesh // Are getting Hitched! May 9, 2017 / Wedding These two. They have the biggest of smiles and the amount of love that lits up before you. Set on the roof, Aanesh and Naanthini made their vows for one another. It was such a relaxed yet fun occasio... READ MORE