“Are you very close to the family or Aric and Jo?”, one asked.

Those words were so significant to me. I remember when I first started, some weddings felt somewhat transactional. Sure, I like being ninja and all yet there’s importance in connecting with the people straight up too. Bridge that gap within that short span of time and the beauty of these photos will find it’s way through.

To sum it up, I felt at home and I remembered the wedding like it was just yesterday. Joanne’s overly loud laughter. Aric’s unpredictable outburst of joy. Jo’s dad tying Sam’s shoes. That particular table that probably drank 15 bottles of wine. The laughters, that beautiful and massive cross, kid with the shark hat, sparklers and the way Aric held those hands. It was all heartfelt.

My composition doesn’t make sense I know. So is life. That’s why I’m thankful each day for all the amazing people I cross paths with though I feel undeserving at times.

Aric, Jo. You guys make an amazing couple and I’m sure many lives will be blessed by you two. Please don’t forget that you still owe me that Lobster Fried Rice eh?

I shall leave you to these photos now. Enjoy!

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