Hello there! It's a me, Thomas! It has been 10 or so years documenting lives through cameras and my love for it grows deeper each day. I am a child of God, husband, son and brother. Chasing sunsets, procuring memes, motorcycles, attempting various types of pastas, indie music, and doing laundry are one of my favourite past times. Though I always try to look cool like the picture on the left, I am most times a goofball. You'll get a hang of it! A perfect day to me is driving through a mountainous range with the wife and munching a sandwich by the lake after a long stint.


Above that all, I LOVE the human connection. Reliving memories through visuals is a gift that was kindly bestowed upon me. Perfect images to me are the ones that represents the genuineness of a moment, and the true reflection yet vulnerable selves of two human beings. Building intimacy is key; I believe in channeling efforts to build a relationship with you, your family, and all the people closest to your heart. I want to be there with you as a photographer and a friend. At the same time, pouring life, humour and fun into photos is something I enjoy doing.


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