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The years has seen many people from different walks of life and they were beautiful in it's own rights. No matter who you are or where you come from, I'd love the opportunity to document your story.




- authentic and nothing manicured
- spontaneous and able to feed off the space and people to capture the personalities, emotions and moments
- made it comfortable to be around and nothing short of fun for everyone
- fuss-free arrangements and professional one-man super-photographer

Joce + Jon


We absolutely love Thomas for the way he beautifully frames and captures candid and precious moments of interactions. He is patient, understanding and blends into the crowd when working so much so that you don’t realise there’s a photographer capturing everything!

We had Thomas take photos of our pre-wedding events and wedding in 2018 and received so many compliments on how well the photos were taken. Even till today, because of the way he photographs and the great quality of the photos, we are able to sit with a cup of tea and relive the experience.

After seeing his photos we just can’t think of ever engaging another photographer. We will always engage Thomas for all our events because not only do you get awesome photos, you get a great friend too!

Kay + Srijith


We weren’t planning on doing a pre-wed shoot initially, but due to a change of plans we did and had no regrets. Thomas ended up taking us on a journey of self-discovery as a couple in that few short hours. More than just a photoshoot, it was an experience in itself.

Come the wedding day, it was like having an old friend with us. He has this “sixth sense” - like knowing when to capture a shot, when to prompt us with we needed some direction, and more importantly when to give us space to to enjoy the moment. It was so fun to have him with us on our big day.

Shu Hua + Gabriel


I can confidently say that Thomas is truly a committed and dedicated artist at heart. He goes above and beyond - taking the effort to know us personally and cultivating a comfortable environment for us to just be us naturally. Every couple has their own unique dynamic and he managed to capture our essence and emotions so well visually.

Personally, I am never one to be comfortable in front of a camera but he was such a great director that the entire experience working with him has been nothing short of amazing. We are in love with our shots and are so grateful to have this special moment in our lives captured in a way that’s better than anything we could have ever imagined

Bernice + Glenn


Thomas definitely excels at capturing the tiny moments, but those which are also all too significant. Have been following (maybe stalking) his craft for a long time now and I knew he had to be the one documenting my wedding.

Gave him a brief to take more pictures of my loved ones present at the wedding because - they're the people I want to SEE AGAIN 20 years down the road right and he did it so beautifully. He was also a great ghost at the wedding because his presence was not a single bit intrusive and he was a natural, weaving in between the crowd, the people, and even the videographers.

Personally as a human, he is also GREAT. Easy to work with, experienced, creative and reassuring. He was also awesome at directing the shoot of 2 human wooden blocks and gave us lots of laughter. Definitely someone I'd recommend for a smooth & artistic documentation of the most important days of your lives! #WORTHIT

Shan Ping + Nguyen

If you're keen, just drop by our contact area and write to us. I would love to meet you up for a coffee!

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