2018 started with a bang for me with these two. I hope this year will see growth while keeping myself rooted not only for myself, but my faith and relationships too.

I’m pretty sure you might have seen their pre-engagement shoot right here. Well you should in case you haven’t.

The day pretty much started on a chill note with some kids in their personalised suits pretending to be hot models (I had fun!). Meanwhile, the evening was filled with mixed emotions. Mostly, good ones. You know it’s a good wedding when you’re taken on that crazy ride with them. Encounters as such are not very rare but still means the world to us as photographers when such magic happens. Guess it wouldn’t hurt being a little bit more attached. :)

My blessings to you two, Ken, Vicks. Stay young, stay infatuated with each other. Love ya’ll to bits.

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