Gotta admit it. I was a tad lazy to do another yearly review but the last 4 hours going through the most memorable photos has been worthwhile. Every time we decide to lay our finger on that shutter, these images immortalizes and serve as a time capsule for my couples. This year I see myself evolving, breaking my usual form a little bit. But the effort, humour, and love injected have been doubled, no less.

I have to give all glory to God. He has indeed been good and His grace has not fallen short. Not only He has given me these talents and sent so many jobs along my way. The best thing that happened this year is definitely my new wife, Selene. Thank you for battling alongside and being my rock. I’m also grateful that this year has seen many of my relationships especially with family growing deeper and wider.

All the couples that placed your trust on me, told me to “Just do your thang”, thank you. You invited me into that crazy world of yours and allowed me to document your most vulnerable self. I couldn’t ask for more. I love you heaps guys!

To the larger community that I’m introduced to (photographers, videographers, creatives & church) that shown heaps of support and maintained my sanity, thank you. Being a wedding photographer is still the best decision I made in life yet.

So here’s a little rewind to what went down for 2018. Really, really long post ahead so if you’re sticking with me till the end, I’ll give you a free potato.

Much love,


Congratulations for reaching till the end. Please PM me for your free potato.

Adieu, 2018. You were amazing.


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