New friends, suppers, dance rehearsals, study groups, midnight jogs, dozing off in lectures, more new friends – in a nutshell, my life in university. I admit that studies wasn’t an easy feat. The friendships forged along the way made a whole lot of difference; it kept my sanity in check as I drowned myself in Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics.

This life journey I partook led me to Bobby, my now ex-classmate and a girl named Denise, his now ex-girlfriend. Bobby and Denise are an inseparable duo, often redefining the term ‘PDA’ to a whole new level.

Fast-forward, the wedding came. Fresh air, glorious morning.

A day where I discovered ladies aren’t that afraid of frogs compared to their male counterparts and not all guys are yoga-ready.

A day where even as formalities were taking place, you could still fool, joke and dance around as newlyweds or as veteran couples/blissfully married couple (refer to Denise’s parents).

A day where my heart felt so warm seeing these two old friends stealing empty pockets of time gazing, embracing each other like as if the world wasn’t watching, and time stood still.

After all, having each other was what they only really needed, isn’t it?


D&B - 106



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