Apologies for the radio silence. Yours truly is trying to keep these journals alive while having his own wedding prep on the plate. It has been a crazy month. Thanks to the experience of attending/photographing numerous weddings, there’s better clarity on the things I should do.

Lessons from Charm and Dom’s wedding:

  • Have fun and make the wedding your own
  • Honour your parents and your loved ones
  • Be personal, be vulnerable
  • You can never be cooler than doing Mambo for your wife in front of a crowd. I remember her saying “PLEASE STOP” repeatedly. That was hilarious.
  • Confettis may cause a guest or two to slip
  • Have lotsa fun (again!)

Tons of joy photographing down-to-earth people like these. If I could do this wedding again, I’d say yes in a heartbeat.



Such a beautiful couple, thank you so much for sharing. it’s very inspiring seeing something like this. Keep up the good work!.

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