When it comes to documenting a wedding, my goal is to bring any stranger through the couple’s journey. From how blue the skies were, the chaos that accompanied the day, smiles, tears, to the stronghold the couple has built for each other. Every individual story is unique and amazing on their own. That’s why it excites me every single time, regardless the venue, people or race; ultimately, to witness how much humans are capable of love. Shooting over 100 weddings till date, I’m honoured to be part of these journeys I’ve been entrusted in.

Photography is a never-ending pursuit. There’s always room for improvement but my motto stays the same.

“Write a book you want to read”

Give these people a story to tell to their grandkids at the dinner table. Show them the love showered by the people around them, and encourage them to do the same to others.

Kay, Srijith, may your pictures be love’s testimony and a binding force to your marriage. Thank you for extending kindness to both me and Yeow Kuang. We appreciate both you two making us feel at home and even going all the way to Little India to buy us a Kurta so we could blend in. Love ya’ll to bits!

Photo assisted by : Yeow Kuang

Putting this last image here for memories sake for it is our first time putting on a Kurta, and we get to be Yogesh and Thangavellu for the day. Please hire us. We make an epic combo.

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