Of outdoor parties and Burmese brollies.

It was one of those days where I dreamt of shapes and lines hence the inspiration on some of these photos. I really hope that we will not submit to contentment so easily, keep pushing my craft and constantly better myself as an artist and a person. It’s okay let loose a little bit, wind down the windows, enjoy the breeze, embrace the little beauties in life; just like these photos towards the end. They always say, beauty in imperfection ain’t it?

I’m thankful:

-for each wedding that I come to (sometimes unprepared), God grants me the wisdom to see it in a new light. Hope it stays that way while my body is able to handle the camera.

-the relationships that are forged, both old and new.

Thank you May & Shafiq. For giving me such a night to remember. For being such great people.

Enjoy these photos, folks. Back at LIBC again for the second time within a month’s period but not complaining just one bit.

Venue: Little Island Brewing Co

Flowers: Fleurapy

Dress: PHUE PHUE – Fashion&Design Collection



These photos are absolutely beautiful and it captures the moments and how the invitees feel about the couple, the joy expressed can be seen in all their faces. Thank you. Shafiq’ aunt

Thank you so much for your kind words. I hope these photos will be a good reminder of such an awesome time you guys had, as much as I did too :)

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